Room for Worship with Min Yemisi

We are looking forward to our April room for worship when we will be hosting Min Yemisi.

Yemisi is a songwriter, recording artist/ vocalist, a true worshiper, and a minister of the gospel. She has been actively involved in gospel music since the age of 13. She is definitely blessed with a unique voice and she has an ability to connect with her listeners through her songs. Yemisi's strength is in her passionate and emotion-packed renditions that surely minister to her audience and leaves them craving for more.

April 2018.jpg

Her intention is to encourage fellow Christians to draw closer to God and never be complacent in their service to Him. She also makes sure that in her renditions, she ministers to the non-Christians so as to win them to the Lord and to let them know that it is only in Jesus that they can find peace that passes all understanding. Above all, she has a heart for worship for the King of kings.

Join us Saturday April 7th at 6pm as we worship God together!