Faith Revolution Church is committed to being a place where you are free to express yourself to God and a place where you can build rewarding relationships with God and with friends.

We are different in approach to worship and interactions with one another. We are not concerned with the way you look, or how you are dressed; formal, casual, it’s up to you. We are concerned with your relationship with God. We are concerned with your life. We are not concerned with customs and traditions but we are concerned with the way of God as highlighted in his word – the Bible.

We strive to make every worship experience enjoyable and engaging. Whatever your life stage is – single, married, kids – we are there for you.

FRC features include

A faith culture

When you join us, you are joining a people of faith. We are passionate about God, we are passionate about the Church (the body of Christ), and we are passionate about people.

Not a typical church

From our worship mode to the people you meet to the work/tasks you can be engaged in, variety is constant at FRC. We like to hold your attention. Our diversity means you’ll always have something to learn from those around you and others can also learn from you.

Making a difference

We do not just worship together; we help make a difference in people’s lives. When you join us, you have the opportunity to serve in a capacity that suits you.

Growth in Christ

The church is always growing and so should you. We emphasize personal growth in Christ and growth in your service to God. From the first day you join FRC, you will be encouraged to expand your knowledge of Christ and build your relationship with Him.

Striking a balance

FRC recognizes that time is very valuable. We encourage a healthy, happy work-life balance. We are committed to having a variety of church activities that allows you to be flexible with your time while being engaged in the things of God.